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Are you looking to spice up your sex life and experience maximum pleasure? With so many sex positions out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But fear not, the Lush blog can tell you everything you need to know when t comes to sex positions for maximum pleasure!

Sex is a natural and healthy part of any romantic relationship. However, sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut and not experiencing the pleasure you desire. That’s where trying new sex positions can come in handy.

Not all sex positions are created equal when it comes to pleasure. Some positions are better suited for clitoral stimulation, while others can hit the G-spot just right. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, just starting to explore your sexual desires or considering sex with an escort, here are the top five sex positions for maximum pleasure that you need to try.

Best Sex positions for maximum sexual pleasures
Best Sex positions for maximum sexual pleasures. A sexy lady shown her with devil horns representing a horny devil that wants maximum pleasure for her sex life

Position 1: Missionary Position

Missionary position is a beloved classic for many reasons, offering a range of opportunities for intense stimulation, mind-blowing orgasms, and sensual intimacy for both partners. This position involves the penetrating partner lying on top while facing their partner, and in this guide, we will explore five specific ways to make the most of the Missionary Position for maximum pleasure.

A couple in bed just about to start having sex in the missionary position together
A couple in bed just about to start having sex in the missionary position together

Tips for achieving maximum pleasure with the missionary position

The missionary position may seem like the most basic of all sex positions, but it remains a favourite for many couples. It allows for intimacy and face-to-face connection, but there are ways to enhance the experience for maximum pleasure.

One tip for elevating the pleasure of the missionary position is to encourage the woman to move her hips and legs around to change the sensations for her partner. This can create a variety of different sensations for both partners and increase the intensity of the experience.

Another way to increase pleasure during missionary is by pulling the woman’s knees up towards her chest. This allows for deeper penetration and can create a more intense sensation for both partners. Couples can also add a pillow or wedge under the woman’s pelvis, which can increase friction and pressure, making the experience more pleasurable.

Eye contact during sex is a powerful way to connect with your partner and increase intimacy. Maintaining eye contact during the missionary position can help partners feel more intimate and connected, leading to an even more fulfilling sexual experience.

Gentle touches during sex can also increase intimacy. Caressing each other’s arms, shoulders, or face during missionary provides additional stimulation for both partners and enhances the experience even further.

Position 2: Reverse Cowgirl Position

The Reverse Cowgirl position is known for its ability to provide deep penetration while allowing for clitoral stimulation. In this position, the woman straddles her partner facing away from them, allowing for a unique and pleasurable angle of penetration. These top 5 sex positions for maximum pleasure are designed to help couples explore new ways to enhance their sexual experiences and the Reverse Cowgirl position is a great option to try.

A young couple in bed with the ginger haired female just getting on top of him to start reverse cowgirl position
A young couple in bed with the ginger haired female just getting on top of him to start reverse cowgirl position

Tips for achieving maximum pleasure with the reverse cowgirl position

When it comes to maximizing pleasure during sex, trying out different positions is key. One position that consistently ranks high for maximum pleasure is the reverse cowgirl. This position not only allows for deeper penetration but also provides optimal clitoral stimulation.

To achieve maximum pleasure with the reverse cowgirl position, proper positioning is crucial. The receiving partner should straddle their partner, facing away from them, and then position themselves so that their knees are spread wide apart, giving their partner ample access to their genital area. The penetrating partner can then use their hands to guide the receiving partner’s hips, which helps control the angle and depth of penetration.

One of the benefits of the reverse cowgirl position is the angle of penetration. The penis hits the vaginal canal at a unique angle, which leads to deeper penetration and stimulation of the G-spot. For the receiving partner, the angle of penetration can be adjusted to suit their needs by altering the depth of penetration and the speed and motion of the thrusts.

In addition to the physical benefits, the reverse cowgirl position allows for plenty of bum contact. This view of a woman’s back-end can add an extra layer of intimacy and can heighten the emotional connection between partners. Moreover, it also creates an opportunity for additional stimulation, such as manual stimulation or the use of toys, adding to the pleasurable feelings during intercourse.

Position 3: Doggy Style Position

Doggy Style is one of the most popular sex positions among couples. It provides deep penetration that can lead to intense stimulation and pleasure. In this sexual position, the man penetrates the woman from behind while she is on all fours. It also offers a range of motion that allows for different variations to increase pleasure during sex. Whether you are a sex expert or new to the game, doggy style has something to offer everyone.

A naked couple in bed with the female being fucked from behind for maximum pleasure
A naked couple in bed with the female being fucked from behind for maximum pleasure

Tips for achieving maximum pleasure with the doggy style position

The doggy style position is a popular sex position known for providing deep penetration and greater stimulation. To achieve maximum pleasure in this position, it’s important to communicate with your partner and ensure both of you are comfortable before trying it out. The partner being penetrated should start on all fours while the other partner enters from behind on their knees.

For added pleasure, adjust the angle of penetration by raising or lowering the hips. This change in angle helps the penis hit different spots inside the vaginal canal, providing different kinds of sensations. Those who enjoy cervical stimulation can particularly benefit from this position. Additionally, partners can use their hands to stimulate the clitoris or provide additional stimulation to other erogenous zones during penetration. If you enjoy a bit of naughty hair pulling, or a spank on the bum, this position can be kinked-up!

Position 4: Spooning Sex

Spooning sex is one of the most intimate sex positions that allows for deep emotional connection between partners. With this position, the couple is curled up in a sideways position, with one partner’s body moulded against the other partner’s back. This sex position offers a different level of pleasure as it allows for slow, sensual sex, with constant contact between the two partners. Additionally, with proper elevation of the hips and adjustment of angle, spooning can provide adequate G-spot stimulation for women during sex.

Spooning position
A sexy woman in lingerie laying over on her side in bed ready to be fucked in spooning position

Tips for achieving maximum pleasure with the Spooning Sex Position

Spooning sex position is a great choice for couples seeking closeness and intimacy. To maximize pleasure, it is important to optimize the angles and levels of penetration. Experiment with different angles, amount of pressure, range of motion, and speed to find what works best.

Maintaining constant contact and intentionally creating emotional connections with your partner, as well as incorporating additional stimulation, can enhance the experience. Using hands or sex toys can provide that extra stimulation to achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Remember, communication between partners is key, as what may work for one couple may not work for another. With the right combination of experimentation and communication, the spooning sex position can deliver maximum pleasure and intimacy.

Position 5: Supported Straddle

If you and your partner are looking for a sex position that allows for deep penetration and intense stimulation, the Supported Straddle could be just what you need. This position provides perfect access to the clitoral hood and G-spot, while also allowing for a range of motion that creates constant contact between partners. To give this position a try, have your partner sit up against a wall or headboard with legs spread wide. You’ll then straddle them, placing your feet on the bed or floor for support. Use your hands to lean back while lowering yourself onto your partner’s penis or toy, adjusting the angle and depth of thrust for maximum pleasure.

Supported Straddle Sex Position
Man in bed with his girlfriend straddled over him in the Supported Straddle Sex Position

Tips for achieving maximum pleasure with the Supported Straddle Position

The Supported Straddle is a popular sex position that offers maximum pleasure to both partners. One recommended position for maximizing pleasure involves the penetrating partner sitting upright while the partner being penetrated climbs on top, facing them and straddling with one knee on either side of the penetrating partner’s thighs. This position allows for deeper penetration and greater control of depth, making it a suitable option for those seeking an enhanced sexual experience.

To further enhance pleasure, both partners can engage in activities such as kissing and maintaining eye contact. The partner being penetrated can also use their legs to move up and down at a pace that feels good to them, varying the speed and depth to achieve optimal pleasure. Communication is key in this position, and partners should talk to each other about what feels good and what they would like to try to increase their connection and intimacy. Overall, with the right techniques and open communication, the Supported Straddle can be a mind-blowing experience for both partners, and it is a great addition to any bedroom routine.

The side view of a womans legs and bum whilst she is knelt up with bum in the air ready for doggy style sex
The side view of a woman’s legs and bum whilst she is knelt up with bum in the air ready for doggy style sex

Conclusion To Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure

In conclusion, the top 5 sex positions for maximum pleasure are doggy style, missionary, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and the butterfly. Each of these positions offers a unique experience to enhance your intimate time together. Try different combinations of these positions to find what works best for you and your partner. Remember that communication is key when it comes to experimenting with new positions. Have fun!

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