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We know how frustrating it can be at busy times getting through to our office, due to the sheer high volume of calls we enjoy. Moreover, sometimes making a phone call is not always the most discreet way.

So for our regular clients that just wish to make a direct booking with a girl, or make a simple inquiry. We have a swift no nonsense, highly secure messaging system booking service in place, that will make things as simple as we possibly can for you to book one of our escorts. I am sure you will find this to be a very convenient service indeed.

Using a simple cross platform messaging application, you are able to make direct bookings and general inquiries with us in a secure and highly private manner!

Getting The App Set Up

Before you are able to register for this service. You will need to install the application (ITS FREE!) on your phone, tablet or pc (as required). You can then register an account in a few simple steps. You can use the following links to install the application and/or read more about Telegram messenger. Its is a highly secure method of sending/receiving messages of a sensitive nature, which booking an escort can be. Lush takes your privacy extremely seriously indeed, this introduction of secure messaging via Telegram is just another way for us to allow you to protect your data from prying eyes.

Furthermore, You can buy anonymous numbers that you can use to create your telegram account. Backed by crypto payment, there has never been a more discreet way to get your telegram account. You can read more about no longer needing a sim to sign up for telegram. Over on the telegram blog. Where you see how easy it is, to sign up for telegram without a phone number!

Criteria – Please read!

In order for you to enjoy this service, you must have booked with us previously over the phone at least 3 times in the past 3 months. And of course attended that appointments without issue. Once you have done that you can register for our Telegram booking service by filling out the form below. Before you register you will need to install the Telegram application and login.

Once we have received your application to register, we will then verify that you are entitled to be registered. Assuming that you are, we will then register you on our Telegram account and in our system and you will receive a message (sent to the Email Address you input on the registration form below) from our email account telling you that you can now use this service. All you have to do then is add us to your contacts. Its really that simple!

Can I amend my registration?

Yes you can do this very simply by selecting ‘amendment to existing’ as the registration type below. You will need to input both your current mobile number and the old Mobile number you had registered with us. We will then update our system and send a new welcome message to your new Telegram account to confirm the change.

Register For Secure Messaging

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1. The number(s) used on the registration is my own. And I am not using a number that belongs to a 3rd party.

2. I have booked at least 3 times in the past 3 months

3. I understand that this service is for general inquires, bookings and confirmations relating to Lush only.
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