Become A VIP Member To Unlock Multiple Features, Functions & Information

There are many parts of the Lush VIP escorts website that are only accessible & shown to VIP members. Becoming a VIP member will allow you to login to and see all the hidden sections fully.

Among other things you will be able to undertake the following functions as a Premium VIP member.

  1. View the VIP members gallery on every girls page. That contains un-blurred photos & in some instances videos too.
  2. Submit reviews on escorts without censorship. Good or bad, your reviews are guaranteed to be published.
  3. View the escorts full reviews on their pages. They will be shown automatically once logged in.
  4. Have full access to our priority bookings page. Where you will be able to book by email, without the need to contact us directly. The link to this page will appear in the VIP members menu, once you are logged in.
  5. Live Chat – direct chat with the Lush office. Ask questions, make bookings, confirm appointments and more! All in live time, with direct live chat!
  6. View complete detailed list of every escorts services. Shown on the escorts pages automatically once you are logged in.
  7. Access our favorites list function. So you can add escorts to your favorites lists for later reviewing. Accessible from inside your account area automatically once logged in.
  8. Save searches and be notified later by email if something matches your saved search criteria. This is known as search alerts. You can manage your search alerts from inside your user account once you are logged in.
  9. Advanced search to find the perfect girls without needing to trawl though each profile individually.

This is a free service, that we provide to our regular clients free of charge. Subject to meeting and maintaining the criteria below.

Although this is a free service, we still need to protect the integrity of our data and monitor who has access to the VIP information. So we have VERY strict criteria and ongoing monitoring of your access. Therefore you MUST meet the following criteria (and continue to meet it) in order to have your membership approved!


  1. You must of booked at least 6 times previously in the last 3 months.
  2. You booking history must be in good standing. E.g No last minute cancellations, no ‘no shows’, no bad behavior (including rudeness to reception staff and/or the girls) & no bullshit in general. If in any way your history is tarnished, you will not be approved.
  3. Please note, if you do not meet these requirements. Your account will not be approved and your will be blocked from automatically applying again in the future without getting direct clearance from us in advance.
  4. You must continue to book at least once every 3 months. If you do not, then your access will be revoked and you will need to meet the above criteria to be eligible for re-registration.
  5. If you are approved, you must never show any of the girls the VIP sections of our website. This is to protect the privacy of all our girls. Furthermore, you must never share your logins with any 3rd party.

If you do not meet the above criteria, do not attempt to register for VIP access. Because proving that you can not read, is not a way to gain access and if you attempt to do so. Your registration will be permanently blocked and you will be refused any future attempt to register, regardless!

If you do meet the above criteria, then please feel free to Sign-up below & start enjoying a real VIP Experience!

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