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PLEASE DO NOTE: Ingrid has five tattoo’s and also a diamond ring between her breasts (piercing). They can’t been seen in her photographs above.

We all know that a tall escort girl in Birmingham is more desired by men, but they are also sought-after by the worlds finest designers and photographers. Why you ask? Well allow Lush Birmingham escort agency to explain to you. But first, we would like to share with you, that Ingrid stands at five foot nine – So everything below also applies to her.

Within the fashion world, the taller, the better. With women like escort Ingrid being portrayed as the ‘ideal’ woman, in today’s society. Because of this, many women around the world purchase high heel shoes (and they are so bloody uncomfortable! The things we do to look good ay girls!), in response to such a stereotype. Women will even undergo extreme surgery to give themselves those catwalk model like ascetics and in order to gain a few inches, in the height department. 

”Tall women attract attention” says one of our favorite posts on the internet and this is certainly true, when you think about it. When you see a group of ladies walk in through the entrance of a restaurant or even a bar, your eyes automatically set sight on the tallest of lady within the group. 

Studies have also shown that when a man decided to interact with a tall Birmingham escort girl, the outcome is very much a positive one. You judge a taller female at first glace, as having more optimistic traits – With the words, intelligent, graceful, elegant and ambitious very often coming to mind. A lot of men even said that they automatically presume a lady of above average height, is going to be more successful and wealthier than that of their shorter counterparts. 

Of course, initial, excellent impressions don’t always mean that they are going to be the girl of your dreams (But, in this case, Ingrid is an escort girl that you are going to want to keep forever!) but tall women do have a leg up (pun intended) on meeting men and keeping them hooked. Many of these judgments do come across as superficial, but nearly everyone agrees that tall women do have this aura about them that just draws you in – and we can totally understand were it comes from. They are the alpha females; in a world were most ladies don’t measure up to their man – They stand above them.

To back this up, psychologists from Liverpool and also central Lancashire made it their mission to understand, further how height makes all the difference. Something that has brought out competitions between men since the dawn of time. But, did you know that height also plays a key role in a man’s choice of mate – Maybe this is one of the reasons why tall escort girl Ingrid is so popular?

A study was undertaken were people of the male gender, were shown photographs of women that had been digitally heightened and shortened. The outcome was the very first piece of direct evidence that the height of a female influences the perception of character from a male perspective, as well as another females. 

When you break it down there are certain qualities that a tall escort girl in Birmingham is going to possess that other ladies just cannot match up to. Now we have discovered so far that men love taller women, but what were the reasons as to why? What is it about their personality and exterior that men go bonkers for? Well lets take a slightly more in depth look:


1) More confidence!

There is no date to back up the claim that a tall escort girl in Birmingham is going to be any more confident. However, when talking in general, most people perceive and swear that the taller you are, the more confidence you are possessed with. Maybe it is to do with the fact that normally you are the first one noticed and therefore, probably the first to be spoken to and so on. Bringing out the confidence in you, from an early age?

2) Legs for days!

Yep… The legs (Of course we had to put this in our list!). Men love women with long legs – It’s a known fact. Legs like Ingrid’s are simply a gift from God and are usually considered the best perk of being tall. They are sexy and ooze femininity which equals men having something to stare at, but can also make shopping impossible. Jeans are either too big or you end up with a nasty case of camel toe 99%of the time…

3) You can model if you want to:

Because, come on, no one whose 5’1 is ever getting on a runway. I can imagine that for Ingrid it is pretty cool saying that she’s not a model, by her own choice. *Gif of someone flipping hair and pretending to be glam*

4) Athletic looking:

A tall escort girl like Ingrid, will normally have more muscle to show off (Not as in they all look like hulk), but they are more than often toned and slender. With it being very rare to see an overweight woman who is tall. It is more common to see a bit of extra stomach on a lady who is somewhat shorter. Even when the tall escort in question doesn’t do anything specific to gain or maintain a figure like they have.

As you can see, looks and personality wise a taller escort girl is going to make a booking that bit more ‘wow’. There are plenty of perks to being tall, as mentioned above.. but lets not forget the fact that you’re going to be able to reach the cereal on the top shelves in supermarkets, without asking for help. No one blocks your view at concerts and the fact that your resting metabolism will be naturally higher, so you burn more calories, than a shorter person, just by being alive. 

Ingrid speaks fluent English and also is the perfect GFE escort who enjoys being slightly more dominant. There is so much to love about this tall escort girl in Birmingham. Do not miss your chance to fondle those stunning legs guys!

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