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A submissive Birmingham mixed race escort is going to be impressive in within the service that she gives to a client and also within regards to her aesthetics. Therefore, Ceecee is going to be a girl who hits the spot and ticks all the boxes. If you would like to know more about this wonderful girl and just what she can do for you, then keep on reading. 

There are various ladies around claiming to give you the same as Ceecee. However, as you will shortly realise, upon meeting with the others, is that they are in fact half hearted, unenthusiastic and quite frankly don’t want to be there with you – Or anyone for that matter. As in, they really need to find a new line of work! 

As you know, the women who we represent at Lush agency of escorts, are exceptionally willing, eager and all excellent at what they do. With the latest addition to our gallery of escorts, Ceecee, being no exception to the rule!


This submissive mixed race escort in Birmingham is a girl who you need to take the lead with, to ensure that you get the very best out of her. She loves playing various sub games and has plenty of ideas on what you can get up to with her. Although, you may already know exactly what you want to do with this little minx and she will certainly be exceptionally keen to oblige! Ceecee is, without question, one of our submissive escorts Birmingham who is going to take you on a memorable and erotic journey to a sensual paradise.


Submissive mixed race escort Ceecee, of course, has a gorgeous lightly caramel glazed skin tone. She feels like a silk throw, when you run your hands over her soft, supple and youthful skin. Being mixed race; Half Jamaican to be exact, she has been blessed with a mane full of hair, that at the moment, is the colour black. Ceecee has very tightly curled locks. She has dark brown eyes and a stunning aura of exoticism out her. 

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