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PLEASE NOTE: Lisa has a small tattoo that has been removed from her photographs for her privacy and discretion.

Lisa is a Sophisticated Birmingham escort at fifty three years of age. She knows the ropes when it comes to dating. So, you can be sure that she will be a calm, level headed candidate for your encounter this evening; who is never shy nor silly in her ways. This Sophisticated escort in Birmingham is the kind of lady to go with the flow and have a smile on her face that is simply infectious to say the least. You just cannot help but feel delighted within yourself; when you are half a meter away from her, across a fancy table, having a conversation that just flows with ease, over a bottle of whine and some good food, for sure.

She is very good a putting people at ease. With her very kind and sweet personality, you just cannot help but adore the company of this sophisticated escort Birmingham, indeed. Lisa is a truly intelligent lady, who enjoys like-minded gentlemen. If you are a man who desires a similar aged woman of sophistication, or a younger gentleman who has a thing for older women; or even just someone who wants a lady who can show them a trick or two. Escort Lisa is going to make the appointment super special for you.

This Sophisticated Birmingham escort is one of the most mature escorts Birmingham has to offer you. Although, still looks excellent for her age, without a doubt! She offers the GF experience that will have your head spinning with your utmost desires coming to life right before your very eyes, in the most expert of mannerisms. As you would expect from a fun and seasoned lady, in all regards, such as Lisa.

Escort Lisa has never been seen in the Midlands previously. Yet comes to Lush with a very open minded approach to her work and a want to build up a great reputation here – Which we have total confidence she is going to do! You will discover that she is very eager to please and that her innocent looks, are not an indication of the service you will receive. Her skills during your time with her, will delight you beyond words.

You can see her for incalls and outcalls when she is working and can of course go to either our incall or outcall calendar to see when and where she is working this week! 


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