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PLEASE DO NOTE: Sophie has three tattoo’s that have been taken out of her photographs for privacy reasons. Two which are small and one larger sized tattoo.

Sophie is a British girl, born and bred. With an figure that boasts serious sex appeal and, what is considered to be an extremely pretty face. Being a slender dress size 8, with a 32C bust. She stands at five feet four inches tall. Having soft, voluptous lips, stunning blue eyes and light, ginger coloured hair, that is soft to the touch.

She can be more submissive upon request and can also be mildly on the dominant side things, if you desire her to be. Promising to offer a full girlfriend experience to her clients.This youthful 20 year old is extremely willing to meet you all. Seeming to be very excited to start working with us and to satisfy your desires.

We are confident that you will find her to be keen, open minded and eager to put a smile on your face. She comes across as a very friendly and bubbly young lady, who enjoys entertaining and socialising, for sure. We think you will find her to be very easy to get along with, to talk to and just a real delight to be in the company of, in general.

Having sensational feedback, in a short amount of time, is enough to back this up. She is very friendly and will really put you at easy and make you feelrelaxed in her company. Being stunning inside and out. It is no wonder that she is an incredibly popular addition to the team. Obliging to every single request, with willingness and want to impress. Her flawlessness is something that needs to be seen to be believed, for sure!


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