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Men love a doll look on a woman; Flawless facially with a small waist, curves in all the right places and a large pair of breasts for them to grope and play with. The type of traits that you will be able to find in a slim British Birmingham escort! Especially this one right here, at Lush Birmingham

Women spend thousands of pounds, dollars, you name it, on trying to have the perfect figure. Via tummy tucks, boob jobs and whatever else. And with more and more surgeons popping up on the market, each and every day. Such things are becoming more attainable, with much less time to wait for your appointment. Women want to be sex symbols, it is that simple. It is in their nature to want the approval of the male sex. Although, many of them have an air of trumpery around them, afterwards. This is not the case with escort Roxy.

There is indeed a huge emphasis put on how a woman looks physically, from all angles. Whether you pick up a magazine, watch the television or simply walk around the city. Maybe, it is because of this, that men will always choose a slim British escort in Birmingham over a more curvy woman. 

Various surveys have been done, throughout the world and it proven that a slim British escort will be seen as more youthful, fertile and at a lower risk of disease. It subconsciously unlocks your animalistic urges to find the most perfect female possible. However, someone who is too skinny is put into the same category as someone of a much larger size; less attractive. In the male eyes. They want a woman who is slender yet not anorexic. A girl who is natural without starving herself. Or, on the other hand, not giving a single thought to her health and body.

All of this above, are attributes to this slim British escort in Birmingham’s popularity and noteworthy seductiveness. She is certainly an exceptionally exciting lady who has men going head over heels for her. 

She is a 31 year old woman – With the body and pretty visage of someone a lot younger than she is. Escort Roxy has a stunning size 8 to 10 body with a pair of beautiful breasts that have been enhanced to a 32H! When you combine all of this with the fact that she stands at five foot seven, with a stunning pair of legs. You can be sure that she is a very glamour model like beauty!

This slim British Birmingham escort is exceptionally enthusiastic about her line of work and certainly about pleasing each and every client to the best of her ability. Having uniforms to make things even more spicy! She really is keen – Something that will become very clear to you, from the moment you meet with her. Like a twirlblast of sensation pleasuring delight. Alone time with Roxy is something you want to miss out on. Roxy can be both submissive and/or dominant with very few limits. She loves to give all of those types of services to her clients!

She is perfect for a night of grufeling, in your home or hers, as much as she is a night of partying, or out at public events as your plus one. She is exceptionally discreet and not the type of girl who enjoys twattling on about what you two have gotten up to together. This slim British escort Birmingham really does ensure your privacy, as do we.

Roxy takes a lot of pride in her work and also herself. She is not the type of girl to go on a scurryfunge before you arrive to her home, if you have booked her as an incall Birmingham escort. She is a very clean and tidy person and this shows in absolutely every aspect. 

This amazing woman is also very intelligent. Being experienced within life in general and loving to expand her knowledge on various topics, via reading, documentaries and learning from clients also! She can hold a very interesting conversation, on just about, whatever takes your fancy. She is not the type of woman to be called a ‘ultracepidarian’ – Or someone who is always putting her two penny’s worth in and not knowing anything, for those who are confused over such a word. Don’t feel bad, because we wouldn’t know what it mean either, if we didn’t read it via a blog post…

You are sure to be blown away by the latest addition to the team. Make sure to pick up the phone when you get a spare moment and make a quick phone call to us, to ensure you have a meeting with this outstanding woman!

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