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PLEASE DO NOTE: Pandora has seven, variously sized tattoo’s and she now has blonde hair!

Size 10 Birmingham escort Pandora is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her curvaceous, body can bend and contort to heighten your pleasure in ways you could only dream of. This light skinned beauty is a very talented size ten Birmingham escort. At first glances, you might wonder how this size 10, 30-year-old could dominate anybody. Well, just book her for an appointment and you can find out first hand just how well Pandora can incorporate guilty pleasures with play. Her predominant character will have you submitting within a matter of seconds. Once Pandora slips her elegant feet into her thigh length boots. The dominatrix that lies under the surface comes to life.  

However, do not be fooled, because although she loves to give, she also loves to receive. Making her one of our submissive escorts in Birmingham, as well. She is able to give both services with eagerness and to any level you wish. She is able to switch between the two roles like an expert. 

She will tie you up and dominate or let you do the punishing to her. She is mind blowing, to the point where you will never want to leave her company. The pleasure that she will evoke will have you wanting more. She is such a professional at her job that we are exceptionally lucky to have her working at our Birmingham escort agency. As you can imagine. Being such a skilled size 10 escort in Birmingham, Pandora is in high demand by people from all walks of life. Escort Pandora will have you sighing with excitement then acceding to her will. Being a size ten escort in Birmingham, she will have you willingly give yourself to her every whim, just as she will do to you. She will allow you to do things that you were always afraid to ask for. Yet always wanted to have done.

It is no secret that once you open Pandora’s box, you will be left amazed by her abilities. However she is an exceptionally sweet, girl next door type of lady, also. Who is adorable, delightful and indeed a girl that it is hard to love find yourself falling for. With each encounter being as memorable as the last. She is the perfect combination of personality and skill to have you and us, lost for words. 

Already this size 10 escort girl has some of the best feedback you have ever read. Proving that she is not a lady to miss! Without a doubt, clients absolutely adore her, in every regard. She is simply perfect – To the point, that to understand what a high quality escort she is, you really need to arrange a meeting with her. Trust us when we tell you that you will be enchanted by this sweet, sensual, attentive and yet naughty seductress!

This size 10 Goddess absolutely adores seeing mixed couples for long and sensual sessions of fun and getting to know each other. Pandora is very much the type of lady whose box of tricks is infinite. She will certainly put the spark back between you both in the bed chamber. Pandora enjoys seeing couples so much, that it is, in fact her favorite type of meeting! We highly recommend her, if you are looking for a woman for this purpose!

On that note, however, she also enjoys being with a single female client, just as much. Being able to explore another woman’s body and leave them more pleasured than any man has ever been able to do, makes her the one to book, if you are a lady that needs a little TLC and affection from the size ten Goddess herself.

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