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PLEASE DO NOTE: Riah has two small tattoo’s that have been removed from her photographs. 

Petite black Birmingham escort Riah stands at the rather cute height of four foot eleven. With a slim, dress size 8 frame. Well complimented by her brown eyes and long braided hair. Despite being of such a small stature, she retains a devine toned proportion.

She is an eager petite black escort who loves to please. With an all round great personality and down to earth persona, you will not find a flaw. 

On the occasions that you need an escort who can provide you with a service that is in a class of it’s own. You know that Riah will set a brand new height of delectation for you. Being with Riah is something that really spices up your life and leaves you with an un-shiftable feeling of joy inside you. 

If you like your petite black escort to come with a rather devilish side, then you are going to adore Riah! She is a free thinking girl who’s imagination allows her to think up many delightful ideas on what you two can get up to. By all means she is very willing and keen to hear your ideas too. 

Riah is a petite black escort in Birmingham who is very much in a league of her very own. With her enthralling, polite and classy way of being. She is a very likeable girl who loves to lavish you with endearment and tenderness. You will find it very hard to say goodbye to this girl!

Petite black escort Riah is no stranger to the entertainment profession. In spite of the fact that she has not had any coverage in Birmingham before as a petite black escort. She is an untried face here, yet takes along with her all the understanding essential to your all round gladness and serenity. 

You can see when Riah is working this week by going to our outcall calendar. As always, there is much more information in the VIP Members area about Riah!


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