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A NOTE: Patricia has five medium sized tattoo’s, that have been taken out of her photographs, upon her requesting that we do so. This is for her privacy and discretion. 

Portuguese Birmingham escort Patricia is a fluent English speaker, with an exotic appearance that will blow you away. Having been blessed with a mane of hair, that can be changed into various styles. Her body is as faultless as they come. Being a (UK) dress size eight, that is toned, firm and tight where it should be. You will find yourself, having to calm yourself down when things get heated! This Portuguese escort in Birmingham has a pair of lovely 32C breasts, that compliment her five foot five frame that is actually rather leggy. Facially she is an attractive girl who has been blessed with dark brown eyes and long dark hair. She is a really beauteous woman who you will feel amazing when around. Having a girl like this on your arm is an ego boost for anyone!

This lovely lady is one of our Birmingham GFE escorts who is eager in every aspect. You can clearly see that she loves her work and genuinely wants to be with you. She is a professional yet extremely enthusiastic lady that can simply not be faulted. Making a man happy is something that is girl does by simply being her. Her energetic and bubbly way of being is certainly infectious. Making her the kind of woman that you truly do want to be around. She makes time fly, as it does when you are with someone that puts a smile on your face, naturally. 

She is indeed going to make the clientele of Lush escorts in Birmingham ecstatic with satisfaction! She is brand new to the region and has never been seen by any client here previously, with us, or otherwise. This Portuguese Birmingham escort is very broad minded also. Being happy to receive requests and having a long list of things that she genuinely does enjoy. Get ready for the time of your life – One that you will unquestionably want to repeat frequently.

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