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Petite submissive Birmingham escort Laura is of a slim build, with rather long legs, a pert bust and inviting voluptuous lips. Well complimented by her big and unusual green colored eyes. Her height of five foot eight makes her above average height for a woman, giving her a leggy stature that is sure to delight those who see her. Just as much as her 34B bust is going to. She has long, white blonde hair, that really make those Lush green eyes of hers stand out! Being a dress sized 6/8, you will find that she has a body that is slender, toned and firm. Although, she has natural curves in all the right places!

Laura the petite submissive escort in Birmingham, is a super confident girl, who can put even the most nervous of clients at ease, with her funny and flirty persona. She is one of those girls who really does make your time with her enjoyable, regardless of the setting without even trying! She is naturally a petite submissive girl who can click with anyone, being extremely adaptable to any situation or event you may wish her to participate in. Escort Laura’s fun and outward going, huge personality makes her excellent for those who like to have a laugh and party. As well as for those who are looking for a upbeat type of girl with a real zest for life and a true enthusiasm for her work! She really is just the nicest, kindest and bubbliest of ladies. You will not find a more sensational petite escort for submissive services.

The petite submissive Birmingham escort, Laura, is brand new to the Midlands and is, genuinely, extremely eager and looking forward to starting! We know you are going to seriously enjoy every second with this girl, not only when it comes to the companion side of things, but when it comes to the more playful antics as well. She is a very open minded, willing girl who is open to all requests and ideas.

Escort Laura really does want to please her clients, and takes allot of pride in knowing that she has done her job to her best ability and that you have loved your time with her! She is truly a great petite submissive escort girl!


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