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PLEASE NOTE: Andreea does not have any tattoo’s on her body, nor does she have any visible piercings apart from her ears. 


Well guys, we have another brand spanking new perfectly petite young open minded Romanian Birmingham escort called Andreea who has never been seen in the country, nor the area beforehand! Escort Andreea is a youthful girl with the looks of a princess and the figure to match. She is a very special young lady indeed who you are going to find to be unbelievably sensational in every single aspect. 

So, lets start giving you a picture of what this Perfectly petite young open minded Romanian escort in Birmingham is like and what you should expect from your encounter with her. Escort Andreea stands at the cute and almost girl like height of five foot and just one inch tall, with thick jet black hair, glistening brown eyes and a very petite yet perfectly proportioned figure that is going to have your eyes nearly popping out your head with amazement! She is a size eight in clothing with a pert 32A bust. You are sure to find this perfectly petite young open minded Romanian escort to be absolutely gorgeous and very easy on the eyes!

Now, your time with her, once you have managed to regain your speech after being blown away by her amazing exterior is going to be truly one of a kind in all the right ways. Escort Andrea has the desired attitude towards her work and clients. She is indeed very eager to please. Being a girl who is champing at the bit to get started and meet you all. You are going to find her to be a great girl with basic English too. Making it even easier for her to put you at ease and for you to get to know her a little better. She speaks English to a basic level but she understands very well too. 

This particular perfectly petite young open minded Romanian Birmingham escort is one who is seriously open minded indeed. A trait that goes naturally with her excellent way of being when it comes to her line of work and customers, of course. We honestly mean it when we say that this girl is one who is truly excellent in every way possible. You are sure to be back for more of this girls first class company! 

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