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PLEASE NOTE: Nadine has one small tattoo. It has not been removed from her photographs, but might not be visible due to clothing etc.

Nadine is considered to have a very pretty face and an extremely good, busty figure. This alone, attracts clients to her in high magnitude. She is a British girl with mixed race (Half Jamaican heritage), that coats her in a beautiful milk chocolate complexion. Standing at five feet and eight inches with a perfectly long pair of legs and a 34E bust: “Wow she is the exotic version of Pamela Anderson. Guys if you like breasts then you are in for a treat and surprise.” As one client commented. Upon booking with her, it will be revealed to you, just how much pride she takes in her apperance and how much of a classy girl she is. She is not only pretty, but ensures she looks her very best for you.

She is one of the Lush escorts in Birmingham city, who promised to give a full girlfriend expereince and who delivers just that to each and every client. “Nadine was really really good, very polite, chatty, excellent service.” – You will discover this exact review and many more backing up how she gives a 5/5 star experience, without fail. Everything about escort Nadine is sure to delight you, in a whole hoast of ways. She is such an eager, enthusiastic and genuinely lovely girl that will do nothing less than leave you the single most happiest client around!

Regardless of whether you are booking for the very first time or you are somewhat of a professional punter. You will find yourself truly glad you met with this, absolutely perfect girl. One who can be both very submissive or very dominant upon the request of her client. She can offer you many different types of appointments. However, within each one, you will find her to be very attentive to your needs, requests and desires. While being an extremely bubbly, nerve easing and likable girl, who you will crave to be in the company of many times over.

Having a huge base of regular clients alone should prove to you the flawlessness this girl exudes. She comes high recommended by clients and by the agency; If you have not booked her already then you certainly need to. You will not regret it!

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