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NOTE: Michelle has four small and two big tattoos. All of which are tasteful!

Michelle is considered to be a very pretty girl facially. Having a gorgeous figure to match. She is a slim dress size 6 to 8 with a 34C bust. Which is in perfect proportion to her toned and sexy physique. We are confident that you will find her to be an all round very good looking girl indeed!

She was stunning, the most beautiful girl with an excellent service. It’s a shame I only booked for so short, next time will be a longer booking for sure.

She is a Romanian girl who speaks good English. Equating to there being no issues conversing with her in general. You are sure to find her to be a friendly, bubbly and all round generally lovely girl with an infectious smile. Promising to offer a full girlfriend experience and looking to be a rather willing and very eager to please girl. We think that Michelle will be a girl who you very much enjoy the company of. She is more dominant by nature and is happy to offer all of those kinds of services to you. Also being happy to play the submissive role to a mild level.

She is excellent, easy going girl. I have seen her before and she looked after me very well, and today the same. she is very nice!

Escort Michelle is like a petite Barbie doll, who you get to have the pleasure of playing with. Being the epitome of sex appeal. She really could make a binbag look good! However, it really does seem to be more than her looks, which clients hold her in high regard for. Hear her sexy European accent for yourself, and you will most certainly fall in love with this charming, outlanding and lovely lady!

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