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PLEASE NOTE: Lina has one small tattoo. However, it has not been removed from her photographs.

Lina is a leggy girl who stands at five foot seven with a 36C bust and a dress size of 10 to 12. She is 40 years of age, but is said to look and act much younger than her years. Being fun, outward going and having a beautifully natural body.

Escort Lina is also said to be a good looking girl facially, with lightly tanned skin, jet black hair and olive green eyes. Which gives her an exotic look to her exterior, despite being a British born and bred girl.

You will find the escort girl Lina to be a delightful mixture of expertise and instinctive enthusiasm, who offers a top service from start to finish, in the form of a girlfriend experience. Although by nature, she is more dominant. Meaning that she does enjoy taking the lead. Making her perfect for those who are either a little nervous, or those who simply want a confident and charming woman as their companion.

One thing you will notice within the reviews which have been left for Lina, is that she is continuously praised for her lovely personality and the excellent services she gives.

“She’s a lovely girl, enjoyed all the night with her.”

“She was fantastic. Had a fabulous time and very good service.”

You are sure to be delighted by the friendly, easy going and genuinely sensual girl who is Lina. You can tell that she enjoys her work. Being incredibly professional and eager to put a smile on your face in multiple ways.

Moreso, she is genuinely bisexual, and is as open to encounters with women and couples as much as she is a gentleman.

Whatever amount of time you are wishing to book, we can assure you that Lina is an escort who will make an excellent choice.


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