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PLEASE DO NOTE: Ruby has three small and one big tattoo that has been removed from the photographs used above for her privacy.

This leggy exotic Birmingham escort is true beauty at it’s finest. She is a highly attractive girl whose looks will take your breath away. The kind of girl to stop traffic with her sensational looks and turn the heads of every male and female that passes her.

You will find this leggy exotic escort in Birmingham to have some unusual heritage. However, it certainly adds to her beauty and allows her to bring something a little different to the table. Being a British born young lady, but, who has both Jamaican and Italian heritage. Making her the perfect, fiery concoction of hot chocolate meets Hispanic passion. Although, taking English to a native level.

She is truly gorgeous, in regards to both her figure and facial visage. Escort Ruby stands at five feet 8 inches tall, giving her a wonderfully leggy configuration that is slender, busty and toned. Having the most unusual yet bewitching eyes you have ever seen. Being hazel with green flexes that sparkle like stars

Not only is Ruby an exceptionally open minded, leggy exotic escort, with a very liberal approach to her work. Loving to hear requests from clients and loving to try out new things, in all aspects of her life. Her taste for adventure is certainly infectious.

Ruby is one of those escorts in Birmingham that you just cannot fault. Her eagerness to satisfy your every desire and to pleasure your mind will blow you away. It is indeed hard to not fall in love with her.

To say goodbye to this beautiful leggy exotic escort in Birmingham, is truly difficult. Ruby is the kind of girl that you will want to keep all for yourself. Certainly, one of the most high regarded escort girls of the region. One you will not be forgetting in a hurry!

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