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Lara is a British Birmingham model escort, who is extremely pretty facially, with a body most women would kill for. Being perfectly slender yet naturally curvaceous in all the right places – She has the frame that majority of celebs use photoshop to be able to attain! She is a very sexy looking girl, with long dark hair, a 32B bust and a slender dress sized 8 frame. This girl is just LUSH, LUSH LUSH!! She is not a model, but certainly could be – We are that it won’t be only before someone scouts her!

She is fairly new to the escorting in Birmingham, but comes with a very chatty and bubbly aura. And of course the know how to put you at ease within seconds of your encounter starting with her. She is just bursting with fun and energy… Truly a girl you will not want to see just the once! Her beauty is complimented by her inner qualities that make her very easy to spend time with and be in the company of.  We are certain this girl is not going to disappoint in anyway, shape or form during your time with her. A must see GFE escort to say the least! There are not many girls who you can say have the whole package, but this British model escort in Birmingham unquestionably has everything going for her!

She is more submissive by nature, but is able to take the lead in a submissive manor and is certainly not the shy and nervous type of girl. However, we would say that you do need to take on a more dominant role with this British Birmingham model girl, to get the best out of her. Lara is amazingly eager and truly enthusiastic in every possible regard. This British model escort is something very special indeed.

This little sex kitten can be seen for both incalls and outcalls when she is working. You can go to our incall calendar to see exactly when she is offering incalls and of course the hours she is working each day! An outcall can be arranged anywhere in the Midlands and you can also go to our outcall calendar to see her fulls weeks worth of availability for this week!

If escort Lara is the type of girl who you think meets your criteria (How can she not?!) and you would like to know a bit more about what she can offer you – Please go to the VIP Members area for more information.


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