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PLEASE DO NOTE: Keekee has six small tattoos and four large ones, which have not been removed from her photographs, but might not always be visible due to the angle of the photograph.

Escort Keekee stands at the height of five foot five, with what is considered, by clients, to be a very good figure. Being a dress size 12. We think you will enjoy just looking at this girl and her body. She is also said to be attractive facially. This escort girl is a British girl, with full Caribbean heritage, giving her that luscious chocolate coloured skin tone – Which, if you have a taste for the exotic, is truly going to grab your attention.

Emotional, chatty, absolutely gorgeous young lady. Offered excellent services too, she’s now my number 1!

Keekee is the kind of girl who is best suited to any type of atmosphere or appointment. This is because she is a bubbly, confident and eager to please girl with a real zest for life and a want to please. As well as being a more refined girl, who is polite, well mannered and down to earth. She is able to adapt to any type of environment with ease! For this reason, escort Keekee is going to impress with both her looks and personality. She is just bustling with flirtatious delight and a fun, alluring personality.

She is an open minded girl too. Being an experienced girl in many aspect of life. She knows how to impress; be it a more relaxed laid back encounter, such as an overnight, dinner date, or even a quick more fun encounter. Keekee promises to offer a full girlfriend experience to her clients and certainly delivers on her promise. It is not a secret that escort Keekee is absolutely champing at the bit to please and to make you feel as special as you should be made to feel.

There is no doubt that Keekee is an all round amazing woman with nothing but positive comments and regular clients. A booking with her is sure to put a smile on your face for weeks to come!


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