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PLEASE DO NOTE: Jasmine has six tattoo’s in total. 4 large and 2 small. Some of which cannot be seen in her photographs.

A naughty yet pretty young girl is exactly what men desire. One that is classy yet attentive to her mans needs in all regards, is indeed what a woman should be. It is also exactly what you will find escort Jasmine to be. Being a naughty Birmingham escort that is going to blow you away with her skills and charm. 

Jasmine is a super sexy Latina, being a Romanian born girl with Italian heritage. As you can see from her photographs above, she has an exotic skin tone that is delighted by a bright and pearly white smile, dark hair and a slender and indeed beautiful body. Being a dress size ten escort of indeed perfect proportions. 

Although is naughty escort in Birmingham looks gorgeous. This is not where her appeal ends, by any means! She is of course, very open minded and therefore offers a large range of services to each and every client – Willingly and indeed eagerly.

Being bisexual, this naughty lady can be available to you if you are a couple, or a single male or woman – You might even  want to pair her up with another girl from Lush Birmingham escorts for a very momentous experience. 

Whether you are looking for a kind, caring and really attentive woman that can give you a girlfriend experience beyond compare or a girl that can give you the ride of your life during a PSE experience. A naughty escort such as Jasmine is going to have you coming back for more and more!

Naughty girl Jasmine is the absolute full package – Especially as she speaks fluent English. So there is no issues with communication. She is a really lovely girl who makes a first class companion. Jasmine is a very friendly, down to earth and willing lady who will make your troubles disappear and put the spring back into your step. She is one of our Romanian escorts in Birmingham that will have you spellbound by her abilities and sensation persona.

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