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PLEASE DO NOTE: Escort Emy has four small tattoo’s. 

Emy is a fully submissive Bulgarian Birmingham escort whose open mindedness leaves her taking the cake over every single other lady you have ever been with – And yes, we really do mean this! In her own words ”I came to Birmingham to try all the services i have not yet experienced – I want to try everything!”. We truly believe she means this, as she offers pretty much everything – There is nothing on the ‘No’ list – Well, not that you are going to find anyway. We mean like…. yeah… wow… She is bloody fantastic in every sense. I do not think we have ever represented such a broad minded girl at the Lush Birmingham escort agency beforehand, in all of the time we have been operating! 

Normally ladies say ‘No.. No.. Yes.. No” when we go through their likes and dislikes during the interview and off we go. But to find a lady who doesn’t want to say no to anything, even the things that she has not done before… That is indeed something very rare!

Anyway, the end result of this liberal way of thinking makes for a fully submissive Bulgarian escort in Birmingham that offers a seriously massive range of services and who embraces each clients wants and needs and is certainly happy to consider every last request. 

Not only does she have the most amazing mind set ever. But she is also a fully submissive Bulgarian Birmingham escort with the most beautifully firm and slender body ever… EVER, EVER, EVER! And she’s pretty facially… Eeeekkk! We cannot wait for you guys and gals to meet her – We are sure that she will be a hugely popular addition to the selection of Lush ladies.

Being beautiful from the inside out – She does not speak the most perfect English, but is more than able to make up for her lack of words in English!

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