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NOTE FOR CLIENTS: In total, Amalia has four tattoo´s. Two of a bigger size and two which are small. They have not been removed from her photographs above, but they might not be able to be seen, because of clothing etc.

Welcome to the Lush escort agency page, all about Amalia – Our experienced Romanian Birmingham escort who is sure to leave clients amazed by just how skilled she is. We are sure that in no time at all, she will have a wonderful reputation here in the region, along with an excellent base of regular clients. Just as she has done in various other countries and cities beforehand. Such as; Italy, Germany and London! Without a shadow of a doubt, we can tell you that you are going to be falling head over heels for this experienced Romanian escort in Birmingham.

Having all of the natural attributes needed to truly excel in this line of work. Once you have booked her you will shortly find yourself coming back for more, and getting rather addicted to spending time with her. But then, why wouldn’t you… It is not very often you come across a lady with a love for intimacy like Amalia has. You simply feel good being around her and like you can stop putting up the front, and just be yourself. You really cannot help yourself but smile during and for a long time after your appointment with her, has ended.

Amalia is an experienced Romanian escort in Birmingham who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that the appointment is your definition of perfection. Not being the type of girl to give one, robotic service, in any regard. She is able to mix things up tremendously, with so many sides to her personality for you to explore, that whatever kind of encounter is taking your fancy today, can be easily attained with this commendable lady.

You will find her personality to be exceptional. Allowing her to be confident and notably discreet within any given type of encounter. She can fit into any social circle with ease. Making her a prime candidate, for clients who do not just want someone fun, but also a girl who can act as their real girlfriend for the evening too. You will find her to be incredibly experienced and very professional in every sense, however, still having that raw enthusiasm for her work, that it is said, only new ladies to the industry seem to be blessed with. In spite of this, Amalia is an exception to the rule, being incredibly enthusiastic and eager to pleasure you in absolutely any way that she is able to.

You will find this experienced escort Birmingham to be very easy to get along with. Although, only speaking to an average level in English, you will find that she understands almost everything and can use her, actually very good, vocabulary to make herself understood. Even though her English is not 100% perfect, you will still have no issue, in general, speaking with her, nor understanding her. Allowing your conversations to run smoothly and to be a very enjoyable part of your experience with her. Listening to her talk and seeing her smile is something, that is said, to make clients melt. They just simply love how she is as a person. Being very natural yet so down to earth, easy going and affectionate. She is everything you could possibly want in an escort and ten times more! Escort Amalia is also fluent in Italian, for those who have come over on holiday, or just want someone to converse within in your native tongue.

Not only this, but the experienced Romanian Birmingham escort Amalia is also a broad minded lady who thinks very freely when it comes to requests from clients and the services in which she offers regardless, as she knows she enjoys certain things. She is an impeccable Romanian Birmingham GFE escort who absolutely loves offering this type of service. 

Understanding your need for an experience that is special. Giving you everything that you have felt your life has been missing. You could not dream up and better woman, for sure! You will be surprised by the naughty underneath, that her angelic exterior hides. If you wish to know more about the services she offers, you can go the VIP Members area and find out more, or, alternatively, you can give us a call!

This experienced Romanian escort does not only have the personality and open mindedness to satisfy you, but the looks and body too. Being a really pretty lady, who certainly looks a lot younger than her age would suggest. She is an incredibly attractive Birmingham escort with red hair, that is cut into a stylish and well maintained bob, type of cut, that certainly accentuates her stunning facial features and goes incredibly with her vibrant blue eyes. 

She is a busty escort in Birmingham having been blessed by a natural pair of 36DD´s and a delectable size 12 figure to compliment her gorgeous visage. You will be jumping with joy to have booked with a delightfully looking woman. Standing at five feet and five inches also, she has the perfect length of body. Still being feminine and probably, not taller than you, even in heels, yet still having a rather leggy frame that is a few inches taller than the frame of most women. You will be beyond impressed. To add to this, she is always extremely well dressed, clean and very hygienic too. Smelling, tasting and looking ravishing without fail.

Being one of the various bisexual ladies we have available to you, she is available to not only a single male client, but also, to MF couples and single females. Also loving to be booked, along with another lady for a two girl experience and being very attentive to the needs of all disabled clients. There are very few types of appointments that she does not make herself available to participate in. You will honestly find this experience Romanian escort Birmingham to be one of the best ladies you have very had the company of. Everything about her is faultless!

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