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Carla is an exceptionally sought after escort, for both longer and shorter durations of bookings. This is due to her energetic and open minded approach to her work, but also her sweet and friendly nature. She is indeed a perfect balance of naughty and nice – Hence why, she is the single most adored girl for any kind of encounter.

Escort girl Carla stands at five feet three inches tall, with a 34D bust but a petite size six figure. This is something that clients say give her a “film star / model” body. She is a genuine 19 year old who recently came over from Romania. However, speaks good English. Her clients also compliment her on her “very pretty face” nothing less than extremely often. Carla is exceptionally attractive, for sure. Being adorned by youthful beauty, thanks to her age and desire to keep herself in the best shape!

Escort Carla has had any clients returning to her; a number of times! Book with her once, and you are sure to see why clients just cannot keep away from her, for long. Carla is an all round good girl, with a friendly disposition. Making her wonderfully easy to talk to and get along with. Allowing her to give a sensational girlfriend experience, when you combine this with her natural tallent and aim to please, one hundred percent!

Being with Carla is relaxing yet truly exciting too. There are very few words which are able to sum up how special she is. There are not many girls out there, who will make you feel as wanted and delighted, as Carla will.

Her desire to make the whole experience flawless for you, is truly second to none. Which makes her a young lady who we absolutely love to represent! 

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