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PLEASE DO NOTE: Escort Vanesa has three big and two small tattoo’s. 

Vanesa is the eager mature Birmingham escort that our clients are yearning to be with. Where there’s age, there comes experience and being 31 years of age, she is very much a girls who knows about life in general and who has a touch that puts younger women to shame. 

There are many perks to being with an eager mature escort in Birmingham. One being that, you are going to learn something from a woman who has been around a little longer than you have – And we aren’t talking about how to correctly fold your work clothes either…

Another great thing about Vanesa is that her escort services are indeed more emotionally laid back. Not in the sense the eagerness to pleasure has disappeared. But that she is more professional and discreet. Wanting to give you an erotic time to remember for all the right reasons, instead of getting emotionally attached and becoming a pest like allot of younger ladies are known for doing from other agencies. She knows her job and carries out her duties with skill, warmth and keenness with no strings attached.

She has a much more stronger idea as to what she likes, and dislikes. So you can be sure that everything she says she offers, she does. As she has been through the experimental stage and knows what is and isn’t for her. Overall leading to a more pleasurable experience for the both of you. Of course, also making her more confident in all aspects. She is not shy, nervous or scared and this is certainly going to rub off on you as well. 

Vanesa is just exploding with passion and loves to put a smile on the faces of clientele. Having a nice body and an attractive face too. Giving her that, easy on the eyes aspect. 

She speaks English to a basic level, and therefore, is more suited to a slightly shorter yet very heated and lustful encounter. From her feedback already, it is very clear that despite her lack of English, she really knows how to please her clients!

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