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PLEASE DO NOTE: Victoria has no tattoo’s and neither does she have any piercings.

Well… Where to start with this Dominant Venezuelan Birmingham escort? Her formidable looks? Her faultless personality? There is so much to say about this little beauty and every aspect of her that i think we may be typing for a while.. 

To start off with, you will notice is this Dominant Venezuelan escort in Birmingham has an extremely pretty face, one which is only enhanced by her big, dark brown exotic eyes. They are truly luring. You will find that just one glance into them will make your knees turn to jelly with captivating delight. Her facial countenance resembles something of which has been modeled by the most elite of divine beings – As goes her absolutely drop dead stunning figure.

Standing at the model like height of 5 foot, 7 inches with a dress size 8 figure that is without a flaw. If you like busty girls then you will be glad to know that despite her petite stature she has a 32D bust too! Her sensational looks are completed nicely by her long brunette hair that gently falls over her shoulders and rather her breast area. If that isn’t enough, she has that all year tan which makes us here at Lush rather envious! A very beautiful, exotic looking girl who has the ability to turn heads in a classy manor or also they kind of girl who makes people stop in their tracks in a club on a weekend.

NOT ONLY is Dominant Venezuelan escort Victoria absolutely wow when it comes to her looks. But she is also SERIOUSLY open minded and eager to please. You will be taken to a wonderland when you are with this girl. We cannot stress to you enough how much this girl is the embodiment of perfection and more. Victoria is indeed a very dominant girl who loves to take the lead in all aspects of your time with her. Making her perfect for those who love a girl who can take charge and also for those who are a little nervous and shy. For example, those who have not been with an escort previously or who have limited experience doing so. 

This Dominant Venezuelan escort is very fun to be with. She will put you at ease within an instant and with a gorgeous smile on her face, show you all her talents. She has the most amazing, sweet, kind and willing personality. You can make each appointment with her differ greatly from the last due to just how adaptable and open to new ideas she is. Whether you want a passionate girlfriend for the night or a playful and cheeky party girl. Victoria will impress without fail. 

If there was any Dominant Venezuelan escort we would highly recommend to you, it would be Victoria without a second thought. There is no questioning the fact that she is a must see escort who is indeed commendable in every single way you can possibly think of.

She speaks English like native too (I know… and you thought she couldn’t get any better right?!). You will have absolutely no problem with conversing when with Victoria in the slightest! 

Dominant Venezuelan escort Victoria is also brand new to Birmingham! She is indeed an enthusiastic face that has never been seen before! If you haven’t already fallen in love with this girl and picked up the phone to secure your booking, we suggest you do so now! She is set to be a seriously popular girl!


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