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PLEASE DO NOTE: Escort Valentina has five tattoo’s. None have been removed from here photographs, but they cannot all be seen, due to the angle of the photo ect.

We are very keen indeed to introduce to you all the dominant petite brunette Birmingham escort with the name of Valentina. There are many ladies popping up within the city from Romania within the city. Yet it is exceptionally rare that you find one of such a high quality as Valentina. Hence why, already the gentlemen who visit Birmingham are falling head over heels for her and certainly not just seeing her once (Maybe 25 times… but once? No way!). Not only this, but escort Valentina has worked in places across Europe such as Germany and Italy. Again, where she also has men yearning for her. As said, she is not your typical, everyday kind of girl. She is so much more and is certainly a girl you will want to appreciate and shower with affection and attention, just as much as you are dying to get some from her too!

This dominant petite brunette escorts in Birmingham is one with a sublime personality. Having a good understanding of the English language too. Which means, that general conversation is not a problem. Although, you need not worry because ladies as keen as this make up for their lack or words (at times) with their way of being. She is the kind of girl to really put you in the spotlight and make all your wants come true. She is a very kind natured and down to earth girl who takes everything in her stride and who goes with the flow. Making her very versatile and great for all types of encounters. Whether they are more sociable ones or ones where you have a more private one on one appointment where you can really get to know each other.

This dominant petite brunette escort from Birmingham is also one who loves to be very dominant upon request. Taking the lead in whatever you require, from conversing to having plenty of ideas on what you can get up to together. Valentina offers a full girlfriend experience and more. Not only this but her eagerness to please gives your appointment that unexplained little something extra, that is going to blow your mind.

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