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PLEASE DO NOTE: Michelle has one small tattoo. Although this has not been discarded from her photographs, it cannot be seen in them all. Piercing wise she has just her nose done.

This dominant bisexual Birmingham escort is one of the newest ladies we represent here in the city. She is without doubt a very exciting member of the team. Being a brand new face that holds so much promise. She has worked in other cities in Europe previously and is another dominant bisexual escort who comes to Lush with a very sought after ability and character.

Dominant Bisexual escort Michelle is a broad minded girl who unquestionably knows how to please her clients from beginning to end. With her exotic looks, she is somewhat outlandish looking in an excellent way! Michelle is a young girl at just 24 years of age, with a delectable figure that looks fabulous in anything that she chooses out of her wardrobe. 

If you are hankering for a dominant escort in Birmingham that is very eager to please then Michelle is truly the girl for you! We would say that her level of English is average, understanding most things without a problem, she can converse without any real issue despite her English not being perfect. 

What she cannot say is words, she undoubtedly makes up for in her way of being. The sort of girl who goes that extra bit further than most to ensure your satisfaction and happiness. The word ‘displeasing’ is certainly not in her vocabulary and never will be. 

She is a dominant bisexual escort with a friendly, upbeat kind of aura that gives your time with her an unexplained amount of exhilaration and high spirit. You will really find yourself doting on this amazing escort. She generates a second to none girlfriend experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. No amount of time with her is going to feel like enough. Birmingham escorts such as the adorable Michelle are most certainly people you want to indulge with.

The surge of satisfaction this girl that comes over you from the very second you meet Michelle is mind blowing. Escort Michelle certainly needs some serious consideration no matter what type of encounter you are after with your chosen escort. She is very much a choice girl who is not be missed or overlooked!


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