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NOTE: Catherine has 4 small tattoos, which have not been removed from her photographs, but might be covered by clothing or hidden due to the angle of the photographs.

Escort Catherine stands at five foot four, with a natural, good figure. A 36B pert bust and a face which is considered by our clients to be attactive. She is a more mature escort at 44 years young, who is sure to have you grinning from ear to ear with her expertise and lovely personality – And of course, because of her very good figure too!

So happy I saw Catherine. All to good standard, and everything I wanted too. Will definitely see this lady again. She is beautiful and I had fun aswell. Thank you!

Catherine’s exterior is certainly well complimented by her, enthusiastic, open minded and friendly disposition. You will find her to be very easy to get along with and certainly a nerve easing girl with a zest for life and fun to be with aura, yet in a mature manner. She really is just bustling with delight, skill and eagerness to please. Catherine is already an escort girl with an amazing reputation behind her. She is unequivocally held in high regard by our clients. All of those who have seen her have been left a sensationally happy client – Which is why she has an incredible base of regular clientele, who she leaves hankering to see her again and again.

She was very good, friendly and pictures are accurate. I have seen her 3 times and I enjoy more and more every booking.

Everything about escort Catherine and the services she gives makes her a second to none lady who is sure to impress even the most fault finding of clients. She is so easy to approach and to talk to, that it is impossible to feel nervous around her. She is the type of girl to make you feel as if you have known her for years in just a matter of moments. Being very eager in general in regard to her clients and their satisfaction. However, one of the most notable qualities that Catherine possesses is how excited she is to hear your requests, desires and new ideas. Being able to be both dominant and submissive to any level you request. But as a standard, offering you an unforgettable girlfriend experience. She offers an open minded service that will satisfy and delight, for many reasons. Her list of services in which she enjoys offering is undeniably extensive. Allowing her to offer you a huge assortment of appointment and service types. Escort Catherine is certainly a lady you need to meet with!


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