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Carla is a very pretty Birmingham escort that stands at a rather leggy five foot six, with a 32C bust and dress sized 8 frame. Her looks are the first amazing thing you notice about her. Making you feel exceptionally happy to be with such a well presented and phenomenal looking girl. From her head to her toes she is a girl of an unmatchale characteristics. Making you feel on top of the world before she has even said a word.  Carla is proving to be one of our most popular Birmingham escorts, impressing all whom encounter her.

Carla is a friendly girl with a very pleasant and welcoming aura about her. She is a pretty escort that is instinctively suited to all types of encounters. She is an open minded and eager to please girl who offers a complete girlfriend experience to her clients and who aims to ensure the satisfaction of her clients in anyway she possible can. If you want an escort that offers a rushed and unthoughtful service then you are very much looking at the wrong girl! Pretty escort Carla is exploding with passion. She lavishes her clients with attention, satisfaction and attentiveness from the word go. The naturally warm and loving aura she has is something you will find once in a blue moon in escorts. But to find it in Carla, who does not just have the personality, but the looks and services to blow your mind makes her a pretty escort that is not to be missed by anyone!

Carla is very much the kind of escort to make all your worries and troubles vanish within an instant. Even more so when you take into consideration that her English is of an excellent level. Meaning there is absolutely no problems conversing with her – She is indeed fluent. You can laugh, party or talk the hours away with this girl. Although time does pass very quickly when you are in the company of this one of a kind pretty escort. As time seems to do when you are having the time of your life. She is a gentle, sensual escort who naturally puts that feel good factor into your time with her without even trying. 

Despite being one of the newest girls on the Lush team. She has better feedback that allot of escorts here in the region. She has really taken the Midlands by storm! Her enthusiasm is something you are sure to appreciate and really adore her for. No matter how hard you search, you will certainly never encounter another pretty escort of this distinction. If you have not already got yourself a booking with this little gem then we suggest you to do soon! Every single one of her clients has been held absolutely spellbound by this bewitching beauty.

Pretty escort Carla is of the variety escort that words seem to let down extremely often. No matter how knowledgeable you are of the English language. There will never be a word of such impact that can describe your flawless time with this very pretty escort.

Carla is one hundred percent exclusive to Lush and cannot be seen anywhere else in the Midlands. She is indeed offering both incalls and outcalls here with us. Making it oh so easy for you to get your hands on this girl, no matter what type of appointment you might be thinking of booking. 

You will be able to find her hours for this week on either our incall or outcall rota that is located here on our website. As always there is much more information about Carla in the VIP Members area and also a much more detailed calendar.


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