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Blou is the latest addition to our team of black escorts Birmingham. One which we are exceptionally confident, is going to built up a regular client base and a great reputation for herself in no time whatsoever. Everything about this girl gives us a very good feeling about her!

Firstly, this twenty one year old black escort in Birmingham is an attractive lady with a good looking face and a super hot figure. She is a slender yet naturally curvaceous size twelve body. Being five foot six, as well, she has a nice pair of legs. Her 34E pair of natural breasts finish off her frame very nicely. This super looking woman is sure to have you grinning like a Cheshire cat, when you see her for the first time, realise her true beauty and comprehend the stunning configuration that is soon to be pleasuring you.

This is not where the delight ends for you ladies and gentlemen. She has a very versatile way of being. Allowing her to really switch things up in the bedroom and make each appointment as exciting as the last, if not more so. She can take on the role of the more domineering character, having very few limits in this regard. Escort Blou can also take on the role of the eager and obliging submissive. Enjoy offering all of those types of services as well. Get ready for a girlfriend experience that is above and beyond that, of which you have ever previously received.

She is a very open minded individual that indeed offers a wide variety of services, to clientele. Who is so free spirited that she is indeed a black Birmingham escort that is bisexual. Enjoying being with a female client as much as a male.

Escort girl Blou, is a really nice person. Who is not only naughty. But, very easy to get along with. Making her a truly charming companion who is sure to tick every single box for you. She really does offer the full package to clientele.

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