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Bella Rose

Bella Rose

Bella Rose has got to be the most perfect Birmingham switch escort ever! Of course you have all heard of BDSM and being submissive or dominant, right? (If you haven’t then you really need to book this girl – Because your sex life must be on a whole new level of BORRRINNNGG!) Well the beautiful Bella Rose is actually both one of submissive Birmingham escorts as well as one of our dominant Birmingham escorts – She is one of the very few women who can ‘Switch’ (hence the BDSM term for women like this) between taking charge and letting you be the boss. In conjunction with this she genuinely joys being either role and such a service is not forced!

Not only is this lady a switch escort in Birmingham who is something to admire in the kink world of BDSM, but she is also more open minded than that pretty little face would lead you to initially believe. She is pretty much a full service girl whose limits you will be VERY unfortunate to find. With various aids and outfits to make your experience like something out of the 50 shades of Grey movie. Well, that’s the best comparison we could think of, but Anastasia has got nothing on the Lush Birmingham escort agencies Bella Rose! (And for those who seen the unedited version of the first movie… Don’t worry, Bella actually shaves….)

The leg shaking, toe curling pleasure is not only to be received by men either. But also by the various couples who book with us, individual females and also those who enjoy those fantasy like two men bookings. This girl will take you to a heightened zone of pleasure that is better than any encounter your imagination could possibly concoct. 

Apart from enjoying being a switch Birmingham escort. Bella Rose can also be your perfect girlfriend for an arranged time and is a funny, bubbly and very eager girl who is sure to keep you excited and on your toes when you are with her. Being enthralling to say the least. Whatever type of meeting you request she is going leave you breathless, a little worse out and exceptionally satisfied! She is not a switch escort you want to overlook.

NOTE: Bella Rose has a tattoo on her neck that is not visible in her photographs.

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