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PLEASE NOTE: Escort Riley has two small and discreet tattoo’s which have been removed, if they where able to be seen, from her photographs above.

What makes a good Birmingham fetish escort? Well, to start with, they need to be sexy, classy and easy to get along with, as well as being open minded and eager to pleasure. All of the qualities that Riley possesses and more. She is not just good… But she is naturally good. Nothing is forced, faked and/or rushed with her… She just goes with the flow and turns any situation or environment one to remember for all the right reasons. 

First of all, you will be bewitched by her class, charm and overall enchanting presence. She is a very attractive English girl with a delectable body being a dress size 6 to 8. Her big and beautiful blue eyes are indeed the first thing that is going to grab your attention. Her girl next door appearance; Where she doesn’t even need to try to look sexy makes this fetish escort in Birmingham a real desire to be with. Due to the fact, that she is natural yet still looks exceptional is a discreet manor on your arm. 

Personality wise, she is the most wonderful lady you will have been with for a while. Escort Riley is very friendly and easy to talk to type of lady with a wonderfully laid back attitude. She really will entice in all possible ways. The fact that she has a very broad mind, means that not a lot fazes her. Therefore, she enjoys being more on the submissive side of things and also really enjoys in taking part in various fetish services. 

This adaptable siren makes the perfect escort girl from Birmingham for fetish services, no matter whether you are looking for a sensual experience or a lady who is going to party the night away with you. She offers the perfect balance to make an excellent choice of woman. One that is certainly going to become very popular in a short time. 

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