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PLEASE DO NOTE: Lia has three tattoos in total, two which are small and another that is more on the larger side. She also has two piercings. One being her tongue and the other being her lip. Her tattoos have not been removed from her photographs.

ALSO: Her hair is now SILVER. It is not red with purple highlights like in her photographs above. There will be some new photos to reflect this shortly. PLUS, she also no longer sees disabled clients.

Lia is a young girl at just 25 years of age, with a pretty face, slim 6 frame, a 36B bust and a height of five foot one. Lia is an escort for disabled clients who is a real pocket rocket. Being dainty in stature, but having a big personality that is sure to make you feel like you have known her for a long time. Escort Lia has hair that is the colour silver, with green eyes, which contrast against her hair colour. Giving her subtle yet vibrant appearance. Every aspect of this lady is certainly going to put a smile on your face. Especially when you see just how attractive she is in person.

She is very new to the West Midlands. Having worked previously, but not having a lot of coverage before working with the Lush agency. She is very keen to get started and make a name for herself around the area. This Birmingham escort for disabled clients has a real sweet nature about her, that gives her a very innocent aspect to her persona. Being very attentive and eager to satisfy your desires. Lia loves long sensual appointments that leave you feeling like you have been blessed with the joys of Spring. Hence why she is for perfect as an escort in Birmingham for disabled clients. As she goes those extra steps to ensure that you get everything you wanted from the appointment and then more besides this. You can be confident that she will tick all the right boxes for you and make you want to return to be with her. Her persona is truly amazing. Being very affectionate and loving to shower you with the intimacy that your life has been lacking.

However, this escort Birmingham for disabled clients is also very free thinking and open minded, in general. Having a lot of things ticked on her ‘likes’ list that allows you to try things, that maybe your normal partner will not let you do. You will soon see just how keen she truly is and just how much she loves trying new things.

Being very sociable and having a good level of English, despite being from Romania. You will find content in the fact that you are with such a fantastic person and that she has her eyes and mind on you, for the whole duration of the encounter. You will feel blissful, as her way of being fills the air with an enigmatic feel good factor.

This Birmingham escort for disabled clients is not limited to just disabled clients however. She is also available to couples, single females and loves to be apart of a two girl experience, as well as (of course) being available to a single male client. Due to being genuinely bisexual, she can interact with a female as much as she can a male and not need to think twice about it. She really does cater to everyone!

Being a very new addition to our call girls gallery, of course, she does not have any feedback at the moment. Although, this is sure to change in due course. We are very excited about all of the superb feedback, we just know is going to be left for her. Check back soon to read about other clients experiences with her!


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