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“I had the opportunity to book Akira and experience first hand an adorable young lady with a personality matching the looks. Able to get involved at any conversation and gives life to the place with her charming ways and partying ability. I was just surprised that girls like Akira still exists. Young lady you just have one more admirer and definitely a regular customer. Thanks for the unforgettable times.”

This was one of the first reviews ever left for escort girl Akira and the reviews before, and those that followed where of the same tone. Akira is an Hispanic girl of full Filipino heritage, who is said to be “seduction on legs” with her small size eight body and petite height of five feet two inches. Escort Akira is also considered to be a really pretty girl facially by those who have seen her. This 26 year old is indeed adorable in the sexiest of ways.

All of the feedback we have ever received for Akira has been excellent. Clients really enjoy being in her company, for all types of enocunters. She is an open minded, spirited and yet down to earth and likable girl who puts discretion into the appointment where it is needed, just as she does with enthusiasm. Being the perfectly pretty mixture of everything needed to be an escort of wonderful reputation. You are sure to enjoy her company, just as clients do each day she is working. She is said to be a very “cheerful” lady who is sure to make you smile even on your darkest days.

“Akira is one in a million” as they say, and we are indeed confident you will shortly be saying the same. Get ready for a delightful encounter with a genuinely nice girl who simply wants to be the reason behind your smile.


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