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PLEASE NOTE: Adriana has the small to medium sized tattoo’s that have been removed from her photographs for privacy reasons. 

Alternative Irish submissive Birmingham escort Adriana is a youthful looking girl with a very good figure. One which clients seem to go absolutely wild for. Complimented by the petite stature of five foot, two inches which makes her 32B bust look rather welcoming. She is a more alternative looking girl with her shoulder length purple hair. She has an extremely pretty face too, with a very warm smile that conceals a very eager and playful girl. When you finally meet her, you will be flabbergasted by just what a model like girl she is when it comes to her facial visage.

Adriana is an alternative Irish submissive escort that is so enthusiastic and filled with the joys of life. The type of girl who at first comes across as a little shy… but once this submissive escort is passed this you are in for a serious treat! Of course, her sweet and cute persona just adds to the Alternative Irish escort experience you receive from her too! She is a rather naughty but nice kind of girl who is certainly the type of girl who you need to take the more dominant role with to get the best out of her. 

Adriana is an alternative Irish Submissive escort who of course doesn’t have much experience in the industry. However, she comes to a Lush escorts with an extremely open minded, willing and keen approach. One which will gain her many admirers along the road to building up an excellent reputation. 

To make this Alternative Irish submissive escort even better, she is offering both incalls and outcalls on the days she is working. Being 100% exclusive to Lush, she cannot be booked anywhere else in the region. If you wish to see her hours for this week, for their incalls and/or outcalls, you can go to our rotas which are located here on the website. 

Now, Adriana has been working as a Lush escort for about a year (if not longer). During this time she has got herself a MASSIVE amount of regular clients. Being a very much VIP alternative Irish submissive Alternative escort who are clients are absolutely blown away by. Needless to say, she has taken Birmingham by whirlwind. Every last client who has been with Adriana has unequivocally returned (and not just once!).

The prestigious service Escort Adriana gives is something you need to experience. If you haven’t already, trust us when we tell you, that you are missing out on the escort of a lifetime! She is the most all round unparalleled girl you could wish to be with. We really cannot stress what an uncommonly delectable girl she is! 

If you need a little more convincing, you are welcoming to glance over the huge amount of customer reviews Alternative Irish submissive escort Adriana has – And that isn’t half of them with many more comments being made within the members area and on other websites too. 

If you are fed of booking escorts who are nothing like what they make themselves out to be and for once would like some guaranteed satisfaction then you don’t want to look any further! A discreet, no fuss, and un-rushed service is exactly what Adriana strives to provide her admirers – And this she clearly does without fail. Here at Lush, we hear nothing but clients speaking of her in the highest regards!  

As always Adriana has a full profile in the VIP Members area, which is packed full of information about her. You will find out everything you need to know before making a booking with her. You will also find a much more detailed incall calendar in the members area!


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