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The prices charged by each escort varies. We do not have a set rate card, instead each female escort chooses her own rates. These are clearly displayed on each of their profile pages. We are very clear about each ladies prices. And include any additional information to make their prices as transparent as possible. Therefore any services they charge extra for, additional travel costs etc are all shown to you. Moreover, you can also use our filters to select a price range and return the profiles of all those that fit the criteria you have selected. So in order to view their prices, you will need to browse each of their profiles accordingly.

Payment Methods & Terms

Payment methods

There are a many different payment methods you can use to pay your escort. Not all payment methods are available to everyone, some can only be used if you have good history with us, as explained below.

Payment Methods Open To Everyone:

  1. £ Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cryptocurrencies (Including Bitcoin, USDT & many more) – If you want to pay for an escort service using Cryptocurrencies, then you need to pay at least one hour in advance of the start of your booking. To ensure cleared funds are received in time)

Additional Payment Methods Open To Those With Good Previous Booking History:

  1. Card Payments
  2. PayPal

Please make your desired payment method clear at the time of booking to avoid any delays or issues.

Terms of payment are very clear. You are expected to pay your escort at the very start of the appointment within the first 5 minutes of being with her. You should not be offended if she asks to check or count the money. This is normal procedure and we advise all our ladies to do it.

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