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The prices charged by each escort varies. We do not have a set rate card, instead each female escort chooses her own rates. These are clearly displayed on each of their profile pages. We are very clear about each ladies prices. And include any additional information to make their prices as transparent as possible. Therefore any services they charge extra for, additional travel costs etc are all shown to you. Moreover, you can also use our filters to select a price range and return the profiles of all those that fit the criteria you have selected. So in order to view their prices, you will need to browse each of their profiles accordingly.

Payment Methods & Terms

Payment methods

There are a many different payment methods you can use to pay your escort. Not all payment methods are available to everyone, some can only be used if you have good history with us, as explained below.

Payment Methods Open To Everyone:

  1. £ Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cryptocurrencies (Including Bitcoin, USDT & many more) – If you want to pay for an escort service using Cryptocurrencies, then you need to pay at least one hour in advance of the start of your booking. To ensure cleared funds are received in time)

Additional Payment Methods Open To Those With Good Previous Booking History:

  1. Card Payments
  2. PayPal

Please make your desired payment method clear at the time of booking to avoid any delays or issues.

Terms of payment are very clear. You are expected to pay your escort at the very start of the appointment within the first 5 minutes of being with her. You should not be offended if she asks to check or count the money. This is normal procedure and we advise all our ladies to do it.

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Female escorts available from Lush escorts Are you looking to book a beautiful professional escort? Look no further than Lush! At Lush, we offer gorgeous female escorts for hire who specialise in providing exquisite companionship and high class escort services to discerning gentlemen. Here’s what you need to know about booking a Lush female escort: The world of UK female escorts can be a mysterious and intriguing one for those who have never experienced it before. Whether you are considering booking an escort for the first time or are simply curious about the industry, it’s important to know what to expect. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at UK female escorts and provide some insight into what you can expect from your experience. What Are Female Escorts? Female escorts are individuals who offer companionship services to clients. These services can range from simple companionship to intimate sexual encounters, depending on the desires of the client. Escorts can be found through various channels, including online directories, agencies, and independent listings. What to Expect from a UK Female Escort When you book an escort, it’s important to understand that you are paying for a service. As such, you should expect a professional and respectful experience. Midlands escorts are typically well-versed in providing companionship and know how to make their clients feel comfortable and at ease. Before your appointment, you will likely be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and your preferences. This information helps the escort to tailor the experience to your desires and ensure that you have a good time. During your appointment, you can expect the escort to be attentive to your needs and desires. Whether you are looking for a simple dinner date or a more intimate encounter, the escort will work to make sure that you are satisfied. It’s important to remember that escorts are not just prostitutes. While there may be some level of sexual activity involved in your appointment, it is not the sole focus of the experience. Escorts are trained to provide companionship and to create a fulfilling experience for their clients. And they do so in a private and discreet manner. A handsome young businessman in suit and sexy young female escort in black lingerie going to have a sex What Services are offered by Female Prostitutes There are various services that women who work as prostitutes can offer their clients. The most common services provided by female prostitutes include oral sex, sexual intercourse, anal sex, and/or hand relief (massage) depending on the customer’s preferences. Other services may also be available depending on the individual prostitute or location. For example, some prostitutes may offer BDSM or fetish play if they have the requisite skills and experience. In addition to providing sexual services for money, many Female prostitutes also provide companionship or “girlfriend experiences" for clients wanting more intimate interaction without actual sexual relations taking place (at least not on-site). Common activities for “girlfriend experiences” might include dinner dates, attending parties or events together with the client (private or public), shopping trips around town, sightseeing tours of attractions like museums & galleries etc., discussing books & films with each other etc., as well as outcalls involving visits to a hotel room/private residence instead of at the prostitute's premises. Request more specialised personal services Other more specialised services not related directly to sexual activity may also be requested by clients depending on the individual Female escorts preferences and skill set – examples could include massage therapy conducted in a professional spa setting (if certified masseuse), advice for personal problems from an experienced individual who will lend an ear without judgments (counseling/therapy-type consultations), dance performances & other types of adult entertainment where applicable e.g. private lap dances etc. Female prostitute in corset sitting on bed near banknotes It is important to remember that not all female prostitutes are willing to provide all of these types of services – each one will have her own list of what she does and doesn't do so it's best to check beforehand! Top 10 Reasons people use the services of Lush Female escorts Hiring a female escort is becoming increasingly popular as people grow more comfortable with the idea of exploring their own sexual desires. Female escorts offer companionship, intimacy and pleasure for those who are looking to spice up their love life in ways that normal partners may not be able to provide. Here are 10 advantages of using the services of female escorts: Professionalism: Lush Female escorts are highly professional when it comes to providing services. Their prices vary depending on experience and specialties, so if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary you know you’ll be getting value for money. Privacy: Female escorts take their client's privacy seriously and conduct all business transactions discreetly and securely. Freedom from Commitment: Hiring a female escort from our agency means that you don't have to make any commitments or promises that could affect your relationship with your partner or spouse down the line – it's a completely risk-free way to explore different experiences without having to worry about breaking a commitment or promise. Variety: Female sex workers offer many different types of services, so whatever fantasy you have in mind they can help make it come true! From sensual massages and role-playing scenarios to GFE's (girlfriend experience) there’s something for everyone when it comes to hiring an escort! Safety: Escorting agencies often rigorously vet their employees so when you hire an escort from one such agency, you can rest assured that your safety will be taken care of at all times ensuring an unforgettable experience! Affordable rates: Prices vary depending on the escort, but overall they tend to be much cheaper than spending a night out with someone else like going on dates or investing in gifts; so if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet fun way to spend your free time UK female escorts from Lush can certainly provide great value for money. Unique perspective and advice – Spending time with an experienced Lush escort can give you access to broad analyses of situations as well as profound insights into topics such as self-acceptance power dynamics sex and relationships. Availability – Hiring a professional from us, ensures that the person hired is available almost anytime day or night offering convenient service at all hours further personalising the experience making it easier afterwards to find someone who fits not just your needs but also your schedule. Connection – Spending time with a female escort offers mutual connection by allowing both parties to get acquainted in the best way – through physical touch, conversation, adventurous activities and more. Memories – Spending time with a beautiful woman and engaging with her in the most sensual of manners. Ensures you create ever lasting memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Pretty stylish Female escort with evening dress, high-heeled makeup and sitting by the panoramic window overlooking the night city with a glass of wine. In conclusion, hiring a female escort can be a great way to explore new things and enjoy a no-strings attached experience, without the fear of commitment. There are many advantages that come with it, from convenience and affordability to safety and variety. Are you ready to find out what female escorts have in store for you here at Lush?

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