PLEASE NOTE: Sonya has one small tattoo that has been removed where it could be seen within the photographs above.

Did you know that being dominant and having green eyes often go hand in glove with one another? This is because they both give the lady incomparable characteristics making for a dominant green eyed Birmingham escort is as vibrant and confident as you would initially suspect - Enhancing all things good about escorts such as Sonya. She is going to steal your heart and probably your energy, once all is said and done. 

Green eyes are so rare, that only 2% of the entire worlds populating possess them. Making it the single most rare eye colour in the world. Green eyes occur when there is only a mild amount of pigmentation within the eye, with a slight tint of gold. Because of the rarity factor, women who are green eyed, automatically become extremely attractive - With eyes being the windows to the soul, you will find her eyes hide a mischievous and devilish persona. Although having eyes that also reflect sensuality and playfulness at the same time.

Sonya wishes to share with you her top tips for understanding a dominant green eyed escort in Birmingham. Therefore, you will go into your appointment already knowing what type of lady you have really booked and what to expect.

So here you have it! Sonya's guide to dominant green eyed escorts:

1) Not happy to be challenged:

''A dominant escort with green eyes is going to like a more submissive male, as an alpha female will not like to be challenged - It leads to a clash of personalities.'' says Sonya. ''Ladies like me, like to rule the show, and also give her clients one to remember''....''You've just got to sit back and enjoy the ride!'' Normally you will find that the jet-set breadwinners such as lawyers or doctors come to Sonya as it is the only escape they have from their highly pressured day to day lifestyle. 


2) Passion:

''I live for lust and explosively intimate moments with my clients. They are what make being a dominant green eyed Birmingham escort so enjoyable'' Sonya considers herself to be an extremely passionate individual that gives a delectable girlfriend experience to each and every customer. ''I really enjoy alone time, were me and my client can just be ourselves and things can get sensual and rather interesting''.


3) Creativity:

''I am a very creative and talented lady which makes for some unique and eager experiences for clients''...'''Sometimes i even surprise myself with how naughty i can make things..''. It is said that most dominant green eyed ladies possess such a trait, but none express it in such a phenomenal way as Sonya. 


4) Intelligence: 

Sonya is a very intelligent girl - Which is why she has picked up the English language with ease. Speaking queens English to a very good level indeed. With such a charismatic comes curiosity. Both of these combined, makes for a young lady with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that loves to learn about different cultures etc. 


5) Confidence:

Confidence, is one of the biggest traits that give her the dominant nature. She can capture a whole room full of people. You will find everything about Sonya to be enthralling. She is overloaded with confidence leading to everything about her being exceptionally sexy. From the way she walks and talks, to the way she smiles and carries herself.


This green eyed dominatrix is everything a woman should be - With a feminine yet commanding presence, she is a girl that bewitches you and draws you in like a moth to a flame. Being Romanian, she is from a well known country, with everything from vampires to supposedly haunted forests, that is steeped in past, romance and mystery, just like the people in which derive from such a magnificent place. You will certainly not regret meeting such a delightful lady. She is sure to outshine any lady in your past, present or future. 

It really is safe to say that having green eyes and offering dominatrix services has created the most exquisite outcome in the shape of Sonya. Hence why any other escorts within the city are envious of her long slender legs and gorgeous persona.




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Dominant delight

  • ♡
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5ft'7
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Bust: 34B
  • Dress size: 8
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Nature: Very Dominant
  • Party Girl: Yes
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Incalls: Yes - See Rota
  • Outcalls: Yes - Midlands
  • Massage: Yes
  • Lap Dances: Yes
  • Languages: Romanian & English

  • ♡
  • ♡
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  • ♡
  • 30 minutes: £60
  • 1 hour: £100
  • 1.5 Hours: £150
  • 2 Hours: £190
  • Additional Hours: £80
  • Over Night: £500

  • ♡
  • 1 Hour: £120
  • 1.5 Hours: £170
  • 2 Hours: £210
  • Additional Hours: £90
  • Dinner Dates: £300
  • Over Night: £600

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